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Bringing Doorstep Delivery to the Military Community

ON | OFF Military Bases

Say goodbye to gate
checkpoints, random searches and long lines...

...Let us do that for you


Order online from one of our Partner Stores on or off base.


Our software pairs the order with a YouUp driver that has military access.


A YouUp driver delivers your order doorstep. Same day.

Do you currently have base access? 

Get paid up to $23 an hour to deliver to your friends with us!

Powered by Military Spouses

Veterans, military family, and those with installation access use personal vehicles, combined with our expanding fleet to provide last mile delivery of produce and goods on and off base

Save Money. Save time. And spend it with family

youuptruck _edited.png

Does your business want to partner with us?

We bring last mile delivery to military installations and the surrounding areas

Why Drive with us?

Set your own hours

Make up to $23 an hour

Do it from the comfort of your own car

Know that you're helping our community

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